Margaret Evans

·         Award winning writer, journalist and author

·         Writing coach, photographer, and multimedia presenter

·         Motivational speaker

·         Two-time breast cancer survivor

Margaret’s career as a writer has spanned 45 years and her columns, features, editorials, and articles have provided insights into Canadian current affairs, international stories, breaking science news, social and environmental issues, climate change, personality profiles and many human interest stories. She is passionate about fairness, justice, and progressive change. She loves sharing her experience and knowledge as a writer by giving courses and clinics and her ebook Get It Write! is available through this website.

As an animal lover, she writes extensively about horses and their natural behaviour, their value to thousands of riders in sport and recreation, and their profound influence as healers and helpers. Her last print book was Heart of a Hoofbeat.  She held a gallery showing of her equine photography featured in her book. In 2014 she curated a museum exhibit called “Horses from the Mists of Time” that explored the evolution of horses in North America.

In 1992, Margaret’s life took a pit stop when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Successful surgery, chemotherapy and radiation kept her cancer free until 2014 when she was diagnosed a second time and underwent surgery, radiation and hormone therapy.

She took it all in positive stride. Today she loves speaking to audiences about the gifts the cancer experiences have given her, the brilliance of today’s cancer diagnosis technology and treatments, the therapies and mental approaches she applied to help her own healing and which she shares to help others, and the emotional journey through her recovery. She is currently working on an ebook tentatively titled Walking with Cancer.