Do you want to write but don’t know how to start?

Do you struggle to find the time to write?

Do you know how to develop plot and character?

Have you thought about marketing and promoting your project?

Do you get stuck with writer’s block? 

Every writer faces these questions and I’ve had my share of these challenges too! So many times over the past four decades of writing, people have asked me “How do you write?”

I always found that hard to answer. The question is simple but the answer is elusively complex. How did I explain the surge of words and thoughts that came from somewhere deep within?  People who ask invariably want to write themselves. But sometimes they struggle as they try to figure out where to start or how to keep going. Then there’s the issue of finding the time to write which can be a challenge for every writer. 

I know exactly how they feel. Getting the words, especially the first words, up on the screen is one thing. Polishing and organizing them into a publishable piece of work is quite another. So their question “How do you write?” has many other questions embedded in it.

After 40 years, I felt it was about time I actually answered that question. Everyone has a story inside. The urge to share it is one of the most primal emotions of the human condition. And everyone’s story is unique and special. It was time for me to share what I had learned and help writers get started.

My eBook “Get It Write – 50 tips to Help with your Writing Success” will answer “How do you write” and address many other questions that writers always have. You can order it as a pdf download right here for just $3 and have access to the book right away!

Editorial Services

The services I offer publishers, authors and businesses include:

·         Proofreading for typos, spelling, punctuation, and other errors for novels, non-fiction books, memoirs, autobiographies, children’s books, training manuals, magazine articles, and corporate reports.  

·         Copy editing for grammar, style and continuity.

·         Editing for structure and story development.

·         Conversion of print files to ebook files.

·         Preparation of back-of-the-book indexing.

·         Consultations on your book project development.



Many thanks to Margaret Evans for her hard work and dedication in editing and preparing my manuscript for publication and for her encouragement to help me see a different or new way of writing.