Margaret is an eloquent and dynamic speaker and loves the experience of talking to a live audience. At each engagement, she speaks from the heart and takes her listeners on a unique journey filled with story, anecdote, humour, facts, personal experience, insight, and wisdom. The take-away is a rich experience that audiences continue to talk about.

Speech topics Margaret offers include:


This talk documents Margaret’s personal experience after being diagnosed twice with breast cancer, once in 1992 and again in 2014. During that time she lost family members and friends to cancer and she shares the impact of loss, mourning, and the wider reach that cancer can have on families. In addressing her own care, she explains the 12 approaches she took to help her progress and heal and she shares valuable insights to help her audience not only cope with cancer but deal with the fears that so many experience on hearing a dreaded diagnosis. Almost all of us are touched by cancer in one way or another and Margaret’s experiences offer insight and wisdom on coping.

A WARMING WORLD- Can we adapt?

Building on the many editorials Margaret has researched and written on climate change, this speech explores the extent to which wild species and places are already adapting to a warming world. From birds in Europe to bears in the Arctic, butterflies in Los Angeles and pine beetles in Canada, animals and plants are on the move. Margaret explores extinction events, how those that survived adapted, the climate variables and extreme weather events we are facing now, the causes, the future, and the degree to which we too must adapt.

The format for both talks is designed as a 45 minute speech but they can be modified to fit an appropriate time-length as needed.


She's an excellent speaker

Very good/positive information about coping with cancer.

Great presentation!

Margaret is a great speaker and this was such an interesting topic.

Great speaker; loved her accent and her attitude!

Excellent presentation!

Very good speaker!

Great speaker, have her back.

She’s an interesting person. This was enjoyable and got folks talking together at coffee.

Audience responses at Abbotsford Learning Plus, Abbotsford, B.C.


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