Margaret Evans incorporated Earthways Media Ltd in British Columbia in 1979 to provide a wide variety of media services which have included:

·         - Articles, features, columns, and editorials on a wide range of current affairs topics, science stories, international events, and high profile personality profiles in TV and film. One of her columns has been running weekly since 2003. Current publications she regularly writes for include Chilliwack Progress, Country Life, Western Producer, and Canadian Horse Journal.

·         - Syndicated features with news agencies in Toronto and Los Angeles for worldwide release.

·         - Photographic services.

·         - Photographic art gallery exhibit

·         - Four books and one ebook. The latest print book Heart of a Hoofbeat is an independent publication.

·         - Editorial services for novel and non-fiction writers.

·         - Children’s short story series that ran in a monthly magazine for 11 years.

·         - Clinics and courses on writing novels, non-fiction works, articles, and how to promote and market clients’ works.

·         - Multimedia and video production and presentations.

·         - Museum exhibit.

·         - Public speaking.

The following are a few examples of the Canadian Horse Journal PonyCare series:


International Stories:

The following are an assortment of articles written by Margaret Evans:

Blueberry Splitting
Cows and Red Clover
Dairy Yields Daughters
Goat Language
Honeybee Genetics
The Edible Horse - 2015
Horses as Healers - 2013
War Horse 2013
Tommy - January 2010
Brooke Hospital - July 2009
Donkeys in a Shattered Land - March 2009
Myanmar - July 2008
Garbage Donkeys - September 2007
Donkeys in Delhi - May 2007
Canadian HorseJournals –

Two of Margaret’s feature stories placed in the American Horse Publications 2011 Annual Awards Competition:

Her article ‘Wild Horse Management: One Shot at a Time’ which profiles the techniques of immunocontraception to control wild horse populations was a 2nd place winner in the Editorial category. The article was published in the Canadian Horse Journal November 2010.

Read article: Wild Horse Management: One Shot at a Time

Her article ‘Appeal for Equine Flood Victims in Pakistan’ which profiles the humane crisis during the record-setting 2010 floods, placed 3rd in the News Reporting: Related Feature Story category. The article was published in the Canadian Horse Journal  October 2010.

Read article: Appeal for Equine Flood Victims in Pakistan


Our Logo:

The Earthways Media logo was designed with the book symbolizing the company’s print experience, the turning pages representing the company’s progression and the maple leaf highlighting its status as a Canadian company.